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Tiki Boy Records is a privately owned record producing company located in Richland, WA.  Our objective is to discover talented musicians and songwriters who want to make a record, CD or Music Video. We reach out to those individuals who are not recognized or signed by a record label. 

Tiki Boy Records produced The Robert Deller Band’s first album “At The Beach” in July of 2008… New single releases such as, “The New Hawaiian Wedding Song” (Forever More), “On My Lake”, “Out On The Sea”, “The Ride”, “Heaven”, “Lava Lagoon” and “On My Lake” from the double-album “Time Of My Life” that were produced and released during the first 6 months of 2009… “Time Of My Life”, (double album number 2) was released on November 24, 2009 and features 21 fresh new surf songs including 2 instrumental versions…  “All That You Gave To Me”, (album number 3) was released August 2, 2010 and features 10 songs to include performances and contributions from each member of the band and local South Bay artists, a must album to have in your collection… “Red Sunglasses”, (album number 4) was digitally released May 31, 2011 and features 13 songs with clear vocals, harmony and driven instrumentals… The album has achieved Platinum Award recognition from Hit Song Science Technologies and is masterfully done… “Island Nights”, (album number 5) released on June 19, 2012 features 13 songs, 6 of which are written and performed by 5 of our band members… This album offers a whole new vibe for the band and showcases the awesome talent of all of our band members individually and as a group including the Indie Music Channel award winning song “Eternity”, written by Danielle Heath… “Destination Unknown”, (album number 6) released on August 2, 2013 features 17 cross genre songs including 1 instrumental of the Title Track caps the best of the best performances from the band by far to date… “Turn Up The Volume”, (album number 7) released on November 22, 2014 at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA features 15 cross genre songs by band members Karl Grossman, Mike Roberti and Robert Deller including the 2014 “Song of The Year” Semi-finalist Award in the Pop Category for “I Give My Heart To You” and the Winner in the March 2015 Academia Awards for Best Alternative Rock Folk Song… “Fear Not”, (album number 8) is our first Contemporary Christian Album released on May 30, 2016 features 12 fully re-mastered Christian songs including the award winning song “Eternity” by Danielle Heath, “Another Day” and “Heaven” by Robert Deller… “She’s My Girl” (album number 9) was released on January 11, 2018… “She’s My Girl”, features 12 original songs 11 of which were a collaborative effort by both Robert Deller and Karl Grossman, featuring Gary Ferguson on Drums… This album is already receiving accolades from the music industry and from fans around the globe… All songs ROCK and we believe you will enjoy them and want to play them over and over again and again… The song “My Maui Girl” is a beautifully written song by Steve Glenn from Redmond, WA and is dedicated to his beautiful wife, Maureen Glenn.  Song was arranged and produced by Robert Deller and performed by Robert Deller and Karl Grossman… Album numbers 10 and the band’s first LIVE album “Live at the Rocke” was released on August 20, 2018.  All 8 songs and a bonus track were performed LIVE at Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach on June 10, 2018 during the “She’s My Girl” album release party.  This album totally rocks and is the real deal as if you were there.  All songs and albums were recorded at Music Focus, in Hermosa Beach, CA.  All songs and albums are available on iTunes, YouTube and internet stores worldwide. 

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