Danielle Heath

Danielle Heath – Singer-Songwriter/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Tambourine

Danielle Heath has been rehearsing and performing with the band since 2008. She is currently a student at Biola University in California where she is studying Christian Ministries with a minor in Worship Music. She loves worshipping the Lord with all her heart and leading other people into worship. She has been leading worship since she was 13 years old.  She also has two original songs, “Eternity” which she received an award from the Indie Music Channel for Best Teen Contemporary Christian Artist in the Female Category for her song in 2013 and a nomination for Best Christian Artist in the Female Category for her song “You Gave It All”.  Both songs are available on iTunes.  Danielle has also been featured on Robert Deller and Karl Grossman’s song “He Loves Me Too” (also on iTunes as a single release) and has collaborated on a new song called “His Love” with Mike Roberti, Karl Grossman and Robert Deller to be released on the band’s next album.  Her future dreams include working as an ambassador in the church to lead people into worship around the world…


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