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  • I’m scared of the dark! Scared of the dark!

    Love what you are doing. Listened to a good hour of The Robert Deller Band while working away in a coffee shop today. Looked up the band and saw the vintage ’79 pic with you and Big Gar. Wow, did that bring back some great memories. Too many miles and too many years but I still think about those good times “back in the day.”

    Hoping all is well for you and your family.

    Love ya pal,


    • Hey Mike… Yes, scared of the dark…. Those were indeed, the days… Such great memories… Thanks for reaching out… Miss you man… Living the life down here in So. Cal… Hope you will be in LA someday and hit me up… Cheers braddah….

    • Love ya back braddah… Living in Eastern Washington these days (Richland)… Moved from LA a year ago and love it here… If you guys want a road trip, love to have you over as our guests… Just hit me up… Cheers…

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