(As of March March 31, 2024)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Nominated for 4 Indie Music Channel Radio Music Awards, we WON 3 first place awards for our song “He Loves Me Too” featuring former band member Danielle Heath as lead vocalist along with Karl Grossman, lead guitarist and Bass, Gary Ferguson on Drums and myself as producer, songwriter and acoustic guitar. The awards were for Best Contemporary Christian Recording, Songwriter and Producer. We are blessed with amazing talent and want to thank the Indie Music Industry and the Indie Music Channel for their recognition of our song “He Loves Me Too” in the Contemporary Christian Genre Category. Please click the below link to view our awards and therobertdellerband link to listen.

Robert Deller

(As of March 26, 2024)

BULLETIN: Just received notification that our song “He Loves Me Too” has been nominated to receive 4 Contemporary Christian Radio Music Awards from the Indie Music Channel for Best Contemporary Christian Artist, Recording, Songwriter and Producer. We hope for a clean sweep in this Genre Category featuring former band member Danielle Heath as lead vocalist along with Karl Grossman, lead guitarist and Bass, Gary Ferguson on Drums and myself as producer, songwriter and acoustic guitar. Wish us luck. You can listen to the song and other entries on the link below:

Robert Deller

(As of September 3, 2023)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Our recent Single Release “Upside Down” (Crazy Town) WON “Best Americana Producer Award from the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, CA on September 3 2023. The band was nominated for 7 Indie Music Awards and picked up our first Winner in the Americana Genre Category for “Best Americana Producer”. We are very excited as we have now won First Place Awards in Folk, Rock, Contemporary Christian, Easy Listening and now Americana Genre Categories.

Robert Deller

(As of August 4, 2023)

BULLETIN: Just received notification that our new Single Release “Upside Down” (Crazy Town) has been nominated to receive 7 Indie Music Recognition Awards from the Indie Music Channel in Hollywood, CA on September 3, 2023. Wish us luck…

Robert Deller

(As of April 10,2023)

New Single Release just dropped… Upside Down (Crazy Town)

A song of the crazy world and times we live in… But hope is not lost… We can fix this… We know what to do… Listen to the song and rejoice… Special thanks to Robert Deller, Lyricist and Lead Vocal, Karl Grossman, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Back Vocals and Music Mastering and to Gary Ferguson, Drums…

Robert Deller

(As of April 3, 2023)

We did it again: Never will we get tired of winning. Just received notification we won 4 Radio Music Awards in the Rock Category from the Indie Music Channel. This marks the bands first Rock Music Category win and we are over the moon. The song is called “Out of The Box” from our “Turn up The Volume Album… The win was for “Best Rock Band”, “Best Rock Recording”, “Best Rock Songwriter” and “Best Rock Producer”… Nominated for 4 and won 4… I’d say that is called a Grand Slam in Radio Rock Music Awards for the week…

Robert Deller

(As of January 30, 2023)

Happy New Year Friends and Fans!!! As we transition into yet, another year of music and fun, we want wish everyone a Healthy and Happy New Year. We’ll keep you posted on new releases and news… Cheers!!!

Robert Deller

(As of September 6, 2022)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

We did it again: We won “Best Band in the Folk Music Category” for our song about the times we live called “Before I Move On” over the weekend in this years 11th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood, California. Nominated in 6 categories competing among the best Indie Musicians Worldwide, we are over the moon and grateful for the support of our fans, Karl Grossman our Grand Master of Technical and Musical Talents, Gary Ferguson our Drummer Extraordinaire and especially, the Independent Music Channel panel of judges… Here’s the link…

Robert Deller

(As of August 6, 2022)


We are pleased to announce that the band has been nominated in the Folk category for Best Artist, Best Band, Best Song, Best Songwriter and Best Producer for our recent smash release, “Before I Move On” in the 11th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards ceremony in Hollywood, CA Sept 4, 2022. But wait, we have also been nominated for Best Song and Best Songwriter in the “Pop” category for our song “You Make Me Smile”. With 7 nominations in this years independent musicians big music talent event, we are over the moon. Wish us luck and stay tuned for the final results posting next month.

(As of April 15, 2022)

JUST RELEASED NEW SINGLE: Song of the times…. Offering hope and reality in dealing with the challenges that can only come from the new world we live in and the questions we all have. “Before I Move On” is spot on… Thanks to Karl Grossman, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Slide Guitar and Harmony Vocals as well as Mixing and Mastering. Also, thanks to Gary Ferguson for his rocking and amazing Drums. Please see link below and feel free to share.

Robert Deller

(As of April 1, 2022)

NOT APRIL FOOLS: Seriously, we have a NEW SONG called “Before I Move On” and it is almost ready for release. Karl Grossman, Lead Guitarist and Co-Author has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the mix before mastering and release. This includes blending in the magnificent drum work of Gary Ferguson as well as harmony vocal, base guitar and sound edits… We can’t wait as it is truly a Pop Culture song of our times with some amazing early positive feedback from our fan base. So, stay tuned everyone for further updates on our new single release coming soon.

Robert Deller

(As of March 10, 2022)

BULLETIN: WINNER, WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!!! We just received word that our song “Heaven” has won “Best Contemporary Christian Producer Award” from the Radio Music Awards sponsored by The Indie Music Channel in Hollywood, CA. Big shout out to Karl Grossman for his amazing contribution in us achieving this award and recognition.

Robert Deller

(As of September 7, 2021)

BULLETIN: We just received word that we picked up “Best Folk Producer” for the title track of our latest EP “Invisible Enemy” at the Indie Music Channel Awards in Hollywood. This makes 3 years in a row we picked up a “Best Producer” Award and we are very excited. We want to thank Karl Grossman for his talents and engineering skill to pull this off in the midst of the pandemic and to Gary Ferguson for the beat of his drums and to all our fans worldwide. Thanks for your support and be safe.

Robert Deller

(As of August 26, 2021)

BULLETIN: We have been nominated for 5 awards in the 10th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards Ceremony on September 5 for our song, “Invisible Enemy”… We are thrilled to be nominated and looking forward to be big event… Wish us luck… Here’s a link to see the Nominations…

Robert Deller

(As of June 28, 2021)

UPDATE: While its been sometime since my last update, I’ve been working very hard on new material for new release. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying getting back to normal in this crazy world post pandemic. On Sunday, June 27, 2021 I was interviewed by Danny Lynn aka Tiki Man of Tiki Man Radio talking about the band and where we go from here. Below is the link. Please be sure and check it out and please go to iTunes and download our latest EP “Invisible Enemy” to help support our music and our band. Mahalo…

Tiki Man and Robbie Colada July 27, 2021

Robert Deller

(As of November 7, 2020)

It’s Here!!! Our New EP “Invisible Enemy” consists of 5 fun songs including “Richland” the recipient of Best Folk Recording and Best Folk Producer First Place Awards from the Indie Channel Music Awards in Hollywood. Much thanks goes to Co-Author Karl Grossman who managed to pull off the almost impossible playing and recording various tracks, including vocal and harmony during this incredible time of quarantine and social distancing. Also, a big shout out to Gary Ferguson for his drumming excellence. Please feel free to comment and share with your friends.

Robert Deller

(As of October 29, 2020)

For Immediate Release: We are very excited to announce that the bands new EP “Invisible Enemy” will be released worldwide ahead of schedule on November 7, 2020. The album consists of 5 rocking songs including the Best Folk Recording and Best Folk Producer Award for last years single release, “Richland”.  Richland was also recognized by the Indie Music Hall of Fame as #1 on the Rock/Easy Listening Music Charts on Sept. 6, 2020. 

Robert Deller

(As of October 18, 2020)

UPDATE: Since my last blog 2 days ago there has been a change in the new EP Title. After further review of the songs and upcoming release the new EP will now be called, “Invisible Enemy”. It just seems more fitting with all that is going on in the world today. Besides, it’s a killer song!!!

Expected release should be before the Thanksgiving Holiday. We can’t wait.

Robert Deller

(As of September 17, 2020)

Just wanted to update everyone on the new EP. We have completed the vocal recordings and various instrumentals on 3 new songs and just waiting for drums to be added, some fine tuning, mixing and mastering. We are on schedule for release before Christmas. Stay tuned…

Robert Deller

Things just got a little better for the band…

(As of September 3, 2020)

Just become a member of the Indie Music Hall of Fame.  So Excited.  Big News of an Award and Recognition I am told is eminent.

Also, making great progress on 3 new songs “Invisible Enemy”, “Uptown Bar” and “Tumbleweed Road” for the new EP.  Expected release December 2020.  So stay tuned right here for further details as they develop and possibly, a sneak peak of an early release.

Robert Deller

(As of July 29, 2020)

Just wanted to chime in to let everyone know that work has begun to finish up the “Richland” EP with 3 more songs currently being recorded at Music Focus in Hermosa Beach, CA.  Even though the expected release of our album has been delayed due to Covid-19 that has not stopped us from being creative and taping into state-of-the-art music technology to make it all happen.  “The show must go on” as they say and we are doing our very best to bring new music to you as soon as we can.  So stay tuned because we have some great new tunes coming your way.

Robert Deller

(As of May 27, 2020)

BULLETIN:  This year’s 9th Annual Indie Music Channel Awards on May 24, 2020 was scheduled to be held in Hollywood, CA at the Clive Davis Grammy Theater but instead was broadcast via satellite in a virtual room due to Covid-19 and Social Distancing.  The show must go on as they say and indeed it did with The Robert Deller Band picking up 2 Big Awards this year for “Best Folk Recording” and “Best Folk Producer” for our new single release “Richland”

Nominated for 5 music awards and winning 2 in this years competition was icing on the cake and a tremendous honor for the band.  This makes for the second First Place Award for “Best Folk Producer” 2 years in a row.

We look forward to the completion of the album “Richland” as soon as possible and hope to enter the Award Winning Contest again next year.

Thanks to Karl Grossman (co-author) for his tremendous contribution and talents in helping to bring “Richland” to the world stage in music and to our fans around the globe in making us number 1 in Richland, Washington this past year on Reverbnation.

Robert Deller

(As of November 28, 2019)

Just received 3 first place awards from the Indi Radio Music Awards for Best Folk Producer, Best Folk Recording and Best Folk Songwriter for our song “Tiki” from our “She’s My Girl” album.  We are over the moon. This makes for 2 years in a row with award winning songs from our “She’s My Girl” album. 2018 for “Down at The Beach Bar” and 2019 for “Tiki”.  We are definitely on a winning streak and we couldn’t be happier as we head on into 2020.  Stay tuned everyone and Mahalo for listening.

Robert Deller

(As of November 15, 2019)

Just Released… “Richland” ahead of schedule and on the shelves on internet stores worldwide.  We are very excited and pleased at how this single release of two song versions one, a moving acoustic guitar version and two, a rocking electric guitar version like the flip sides of an old 45.  A twofer and based on Lead Singer/Songwriter Robert Deller’s true story of moving from LA to Eastern Washington having discovered the beautiful city of “Richland” along the mighty Columbia River.  Thanks to Co-Author and Lead Guitarist, Karl Grossman and Percussionist, Gary Ferguson for their musical talent and contribution.  Please fee free to let us know what you think?

Robert Deller

(As of November 4, 2019)

This just in….. Our new song “Richland” has been fully mixed and mastered ahead of schedule and will be available in music stores worldwide on November 15, 2019.  Please go to iTunes and/or Youtube and order our new song and buy one or more for your family or friends this Christmas.  Thank you for your continued support of our music.  We look forward to bringing you the rest of our new EP next Spring.

Robert Deller

(As of November 1, 2019)

We are very excited to announce that our brand new song “Richland” is in the final stages of being mixed and fully mastered for release.  2 versions like the flip sides of an old 45 will be available soon. On the one side, will be a rocking electric version with an extended solo by lead guitarist and co-author, Karl Grossman along with Gary Ferguson on drums.  On the second side, will be a cool sounding acoustic version with Karl Grossman playing lead and bass guitar and Gary Ferguson on percussion.  Song is about singer/songwriter Robert Deller’s recent move from LA to Richland, WA and the song totally, rocks.  Expected release, early December 2019

Robert Deller 

(As of October 7, 2019)

Just back from LA where I was in the studio with Karl Grossman working on recording our brand new song called, “Richland”.  I am very pleased at the progress and we are now just working on mixing details before it is fully mastered and released.  Looks like we will be having 2 versions like the flip sides of an old 45.  The one side will be an acoustic version with bass and congas while the other will be a rocking electric version with full on drums, harmony and whatever we think to add. So, stay tuned because this song will Rock. Expected release; before Christmas 2019.

Robert Deller 

(As of August 31, 2019)

The band continues to receive #1 and #2 Rock Star Status for bands in Richland, Washington. Pretty amazing for only 6 months after relocating here from LA. While Robert Deller has jammed a few times with local talent, he is hard at work on new material for song.  His latest song called, “Richland” is in the recording stage and expected to be released as a new single just in time for Christmas, 2019.  The song is about overcoming fears and apprehension for a new life in a place that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of big city, LA.  Richland provides the perfect landing pad along the mighty Columbia River for Robert and his family and life is good. In-fact, it couldn’t be better as his story is told in this beautiful new song.  Stay tuned for further release details as they become available.

Robert Deller

(As of April 30, 2019)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!! We picked up a First Place Award for our song “Down at The Beach Bar” in the Folk Category at the Indie Music Channel Awards Ceremony on April 28, 2019 at The Clie Davis Grammy Museum.  We Won “Best Producer” and received 6 nominations.  A star studded event with some of the Best Indie Musicians from all across the Globe… We are over the moon… Thanks Indie Music Channel and to all our band mates and especially, Karl Grossman for his editing, mixing and mastering and contribution to making this Award possible… Follow the link and give us a listen.

 Robert Deller

(As of April 20, 2019)

This just in:  The Band has been nominated in 2 music genre categories; Folk and Easy Listening, to receive 6 music awards at the 2019 Indie Music Awards Ceremony to be held at the Clive Davis Theater in Los Angeles, California Sunday April 28.  This is the biggest event in Indie Music for Indie Musicians Worldwide. The nominations are from the Bands song “Down at The Beach Bar” from the Bands album “She’s My Girl”.  Wish us luck and check us out at:

Robert Deller

(As of March 18, 2019)

Things are going to be different in 2019 and beyond.  Robert Deller Lead Singer/Songwriter and Founder of The Robert Deller Band has moved from Southern California to Eastern Washington near the Columbia River.  Over the past 10 years, the band has had many band members who have come and gone their separate ways to pursue their dreams and live their lives.  Together, we have produced 10 albums, won many music awards and performed in a multitude of venues.  The road ahead will be no less challenging for Robert as he will continue to work on new songs and bring them to you from his new home.  So stay tuned because there is much, more to come.  Rumor has it, there is a new acoustic album currently in the works.

(As of November 20, 2018)

We just received notice of 3 terrestrial radio music awards from the Indie Music Channel today.  The awards are for Best Producer, Best Songwriter and Best Band in the Easy Listening Category for our song “Down at the Beach Bar” off our “She’s My Girl” album.  Thank you Indie Music Channel.  We are so grateful and continue to reach for the stars.  Here’s a link to give a listen and check it out.

Robert Deller

 (As of August 27, 2018)

We rehearsed for 5 months ahead of the Official Release of our 9th album “She’s My Girl”. We showcased our album at Saint Rocke, Hermosa Beach, California to a full house on June 10, 2018. We asked to have it recorded. They did.  Now you can hear what everyone heard the night of the show.  Here’s the link to our 10th Album, “Live at the Rocke”

Thanks goes out to bandmates, Karl Grossman/Lead Guitar, Mike Roberti/Lead Guitar, Andrew Bacon/Bass, Robert Goodrich/Drums. Please feel free to comment and share.  Mahalo

Robert Deller/Lead Singer/Song Writer/Acoustic Guitar
The Robert Deller Band

(As of August 1, 2018)

We are about to Master the songs recorded during our LIVE Unplugged Performance at Saint Rocke, June 10, 2018.  This 10th album release will be available soon…  It’s an amazing album and that’s all I have to say for now… Did I mention, it’s AMAZING?  Stay tuned everyone….

Robert Deller

(As of June 23, 2018)

Just received word that our song “Down at The Beach Bar” from our new album “She’s My Girl” is now in rotation on LiteRadio.FM by the Indie Music Channel.  We are very pleased for the recognition and hope you will give a listen.  You can download songs from our new album on iTunes…

Robert Deller

(As of June 14, 2018)

“We Rocked The South Bay”

We rocked the South Bay with our LIVE performance at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA this past Sunday, June 10, 2018.  Because of the large crowd and warm reception we received, we are mastering the audio recording from the show to be released later this Summer.  I can’t wait as it will be our first LIVE Unplugged Performance ever recorded and digitally mastered.  Also, on June 6, 2018 the Band received a Winning Award in the Folk Category from the Hollywood Songwriters Contest for our song “Tiki”.   As you might have guessed, we performed it at the show and the audience went crazy.  Have a great Summer everyone and thanks for your continued support of our music and our band.

Robert Deller

(As of February 6, 2018)

The Robert Deller Band Performs at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA

 On Sunday June 10, 2018 starting at 7pm (doors open at 6pm) at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, CA the band will be releasing its 9th album “She’s My Girl” to friends and fans.

In addition, bandmate, Mike Roberti will be releasing his new album “Freedom Land” .  This will truly be a night to remember with music ranging from Trop Rock, Surf Rock, Pop, Rock and Country leaving a little something for everyone. So, come on out and join us for all the fun.

First 100 people through the door will receive official Deller Band Signature Frosted White Malibu Sunglasses.  This venue is for ages 21 and over and tickets are $10 per person.

Finally, the band has been a mainstay in the South Bay for the more than a decade and has gone on to receive various music awards and nominations from the Indie Music Awards, the UK Songwriting Competition, the Song of The Year Competition, the Paramount Group and even received Best Song for their song “I Give My Heart to You” from the prestigious Akademia Awards based in Hollywood, CA.

For more information on The Robert Deller Band please visit their website and social media at:

 Robert Deller

(As of December 20, 2017)

Update:  We have just received back our fully mastered music for our new album “She’s My Girl” and it has been uploaded to TuneCore for release to music stores worldwide by January 11, 2018 with pre-release sales beginning December 30, 2017… We are extremely excited about the songs recorded on this album… They are by far, the best sound and music recording of any of our previous albums in over 10 years… Every song ROCKS and we believe you will love them as much as we do and want to play them over and over again and again and share them with family and friends for a long time to come…  

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Thank you for all your support of our music…

Robert Deller

(As of December 2, 2017)

Bulletin: It’s a wrap… We are so pleased and excited as we have fully recorded and mixed 12 new songs for album number 9… As mentioned in my last blog, it was still undecided as to what the album would be called… While we have received positive award status from the UK Song Contest that “She’s My Girl” will receive an “Above” Commended Award Category Certificate, we are still waiting on the results of our song “Time” to be judged.   It was however, decided by popular demand by fans and our band mates that “She’s My Girl” will be the title track for the new album… Please stay tuned as further details will be announced as to when you can download and listen to our new album, when and where our next show will be for our official album release and everything else, including a new website and page design coming soon, so stay tuned and Happy Holidays and Mahalo for your continued support… We appreciate it…  

Robert Deller

(As of October 19, 2017)

Here’s an update for you on the progress on our latest album. We have just completed 1o new song recordings and we could leave it at that or shoot for 2 more.  I think we will shoot for 2 more with a pre-release around the holiday and a full concert and album release party sometime in the Spring of 2018.  Not sure what it will be called now that another song titled “Time” has presented itself ahead of our current working title, “She’s My Girl”.  I’ve entered both songs in the UK Song Contest and waiting on the scores and reviews to better decide.  So, all I can say is stay tuned.

Robert Deller 

(As of May 8, 2017)

I have been back in the Studio working on new song recordings with Lead Guitarist and Band Mate, Karl Grossman these past couple of weeks.  I am pleased to say we are making great strides toward album #9 which is expected to be released this Summer.  At first I thought this might be a solo acoustic album of sorts but there is so much new music that requires a full band that we’ll  save the solo acoustic album for another day.  This next album with a working title called “She’s My Girl” offers a range of music styles from Pop, Rock, Trop-Rock, Hawaiian and Easy Listening that I very much believe will be amazing once released.  Some might even say it’s a bit of a departure from our music style of the past but not much.  Just better than ever.  Stay tuned as we keep rockin’. 

Robert Deller

(As of January 10, 2017)

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  Happy to report we received a 5 year exclusive contract for the release and promotion of “The New Hawaiian Wedding Song” (Forever More) and it’s many versions.  Due to the already popularity and success of the song on iTunes and other social media outlets, the decision was made not to encumber the song to any promoter for any length of time.  While we are impressed and delighted professionals in the music industry recognize our song in the marketplace, we will continue to self promote.  Here’s a link to download.  Please feel free to comment and share:

Robert Deller

(As of December 2, 2016)

Robert Deller is in recording mode presently working on his first Solo Album Release expected sometime in the Spring of 2017.  Stay tuned for details…

(As of August 9, 2016)

We are very pleased to announce we are the recipient of the “Runner-Up” Award in the prestigious 2016 Song of The Year Contest for our song “I’m On My Way” from our album “Island Nights”.  Here’s the link to share… 

(As of June 10, 2016)

We are very pleased to announce the “Official Release” of our first Contemporary Christian Album.  The Album is called “Fear Not” and features 12 newly re-mastered songs and is now on iTunes for purchase.  Here’s the link: Please feel free to comment and share the love… Peace and God Bless…

Robert Deller

(As of April 5, 2016)

We are very pleased to announce the greatly anticipated release of our first Contemporary Christian Album.  The Album is called “Fear Not” and will feature 12 songs.  It is currently being mastered for release later this month and we will keep you posted. 

Robert Deller

(As of February 10, 2016)


We couldn’t be more pleased with this result and the worldwide recognition our music is receiving… 

“This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting contest. I
am contacting you about the material you submitted into the
previous contest. Even though your material did not
place as a Winner or Finalist, you still did incredibly well in the
contest. You had an entry that received the Semi-Finalist
placement as listed on your personalized placement page at:”

“The ‘Semi-Finalist’ placement is the highest placement next only to the one winner and four finalists from each category”. 

Robert Deller

(As of October 20, 2015)

Today is a good day for the band… Just received notice from the Indie Gospel Music Channel that our song “Sands of Time” made it into the TOP 10 for October… We continue to dominate the airwaves for our Indie Rock songs… Also, received an inquiry from the Program Director Danny Korvado of WNYR Radio New York… He is genuinely interested in playing our music…

Here’s his quote:  “I like your music alot, especially ‘I Give My Heart To You’. Hit me up on email at”.  So what do you think I did?  I hit him up… We shall see…

Robert Deller

(As of August 8, 2015)

Robert Deller under the stage name (aka Robbie Colada) will be hosting a 2 hour radio show beginning Monday August 1o from 7-9pm PST on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for   Please be sure to download the app and check out his show… It will surely rock…  Meanwhile, Tiki Island Radio continues to play the bands songs in its 24/7 spin rotation… We are getting quality airtime in as many as 45 countries around the globe… This is very exciting so please tune in…

Robert Deller

(As of July 10, 2015)

We just received notice our song “Sands of Time” received the top spot for Best Song for the month of June on the Indie Gospel Music Channel… Here’s what they said and the link below: 

“The Robert Deller Band took the top song this month with The Sands of Time from the album Destination Unknown. The song has a magical quality to it, somehow creating an enchanting feeling of nostalgia”.

Robert Deller

(As of July 6, 2015)

We continue to cross/promote our music in various venues and through social media… We are entered into many songwriting contests and waiting reviews and results and will keep you posted… We continue to work on new material and will be releasing an ALL CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN ALBUM comprised of previous released material re-mastered for later this summer or fall… The album will be titled “FEAR NOT” and will feature 9 or 10 songs… Keep rocking the music and “LIKE” us on Facebook at:

Robert Deller

(As of May 22, 2015)

Just finished up a LIVE interview broadcast on with Danny Lynn (aka The Tiki Man)… Our music is now being broadcast live in 24/7 rotation in 45 countries across the globe… We couldn’t be more thrilled… Please tune in with us and enjoy the cool island music…

Robert Deller

(As of March 15, 2015)

We did it friends and fans!!!     We WON our FIRST, “FIRST PLACE AWARD” after so many nominations and second, third and runner-up finishes over the years…

We couldn’t be more happy and can’t wait to see what great things will come of this!!!

Robert Deller

(As of March 11, 2015)

Just received notice we’ve been nominated for one of our songs from the last album… Here’s the text of the email in my in-box… 

Dear The Robert Deller Band,

We are pleased to inform you that, upon initial review by our judging panel, your music submission ‘I Give My Heart To You’ has been officially nominated for the March 2015 Akademia Music Award in your category. There were hundreds of submissions to consider, so it is a great accomplishment to advance to this stage. 

Please be sure to visit on Awards Day March 15th to view the winners and final results.

We wish you good luck and look forward to announcing the results in a few short days.


The Akademia

posted by Robert Deller

(As of February 7, 2015)

Just finished a great rockin’ performance at The Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach to a standing room only crowd that just kept getting bigger and bigger as the evening progressed… About 150 in all before we wrapped up our set and headed back home… A magical night of song and dance… The band is now in the “writing new songs mode” for our next album and will keep you all posted on developments as they occur… Thanks for your continued support of our music and band…

Robert Deller

(As of January 5, 2015)

Happy New Year!  We began rehearsal over the weekend for our upcoming “Encore” performance at The Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach to celebrate our 7th album release “Turn up The Volume”…  Show is Friday, February 6, 2015…  Doors open at 6pm…  Show starts at 6:30 and will run till 8:30…  Free to the public of all ages…  Save the date…  We can’t wait…

Robert Deller

(As of December 15, 2014)

Back by popular demand… Come join us as we continue the celebration of our recent album release “Turn Up The Volume”… Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach… Friday, February 6, 2015… Doors open at 6pm… Show starts at 6:30 and will run till 8:30… Free to the public… All Ages Welcome… Special guest appearances… Free stuff… We can’t wait… Save the date…

Robert Deller

(As of November 25, 2014)

We absolutely rocked it at Saint Rocke last Saturday night to a packed house… Thanks to all those who turned out… The sound system was amazing and when we took the stage we did not stop and after 2 hours it was all said and done… It’s official “Turn Up The Volume” album number 7 is available on iTunes … Check it out and feel free to comment… We are now resting up and will begin rehearsal for our next gig sometime after the holidays… Details will be provided but we think we will be back at The Lighthouse Cafe in Hermosa… 

Robert Deller

(As of November 18, 2014)

Just a few days till our big Album Release Party at Saint Rocke… Despite a rumor going around the gig was cancelled, this couldn’t be further from the truth… We plan on having a huge crowd and ticket sales are going extremely well… Looking forward to rocking the South Bay and bringing you smiles for a Saturday night… See you at the show…

Robert Deller

(As of November 14, 2014)

With just 2 more rehearsals to go before the show at Saint Rocke November 22, we are stoked… Buy your tickets online using this link:

or, you can buy your tickets at the door the night of the show… $10 doors open at 6 pm Saturday November 22, 2014… 21 and older only… First 100 through the door will receive brand official Deller Band  “Malibu” chill sunglasses… Can’t wait to rock… Can’t wait to see you at the show…

Robert Deller

(As of October 17, 2014)

Hi Everyone!

“Roctober” is alive and well here in the South Bay… First, our band played 6 songs at the Sunday Gospel Lunch at Suzzy’s in Hermosa Beach on October 5 to a capacity crowd… So much fun… 

Next, our new album “Turn Up The Volume” has just been released on iTunes…. You can catch snippets, download and tell us what you think by clicking the link…

Next, we have just been notified that the band has received the prestigious award of Semi-finalist for our song “I Give My Heart To You” (on the new album) from the 2014 Song of The Year contest… This is the highest award given next to placing first, second or third in the final round of competition… We are over the moon and will be playing it LIVE at our Album Release Party…

Check it out:

Finally, just a reminder that we will be rocking the house at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach celebrating our Album Release Party “Turn Up The Volume” on Saturday, November 22 from 6-8… 

Save the date and get your tickets early before they sell out…

Thank again for the love and continued support of our band!!!

Peace and hope to see you at the show… 

Robert Deller 

(As of October 10, 2014)

We are now LIVE on iTunes with our new album “Turn up The Volume”… Check it out, download, post comments and share the love and music link…

Robert Deller

(As of October 9, 2014)

Don’t forget to get your tickets early before they are sold out to help us celebrate the release of our new album “Turn Up The Volume” at Saint Rocke on Saturday November 22, 2014 beginning at 6:00 pm… See link here:

Robert Deller

(As of October 3, 2014)

We just received the Semi-Finalist Award from 2014 The Song of The Year Contest for our song “I Give My Heart To You”… We are walking on air right now… Check it out…

Robert Deller

(As of October 2, 2014)

Important Announcement!!!  Our band will be performing a 30 minute set of Contemporary Christian song at Suzy’s Bar and Grill on Sunday October 5 beginning at 1:30 pm… Come out and hear for the first time played in public 3 of our songs from our upcoming, soon to be released 7th album “Turn Up The Volume” as well as a few from past albums… All music is Original, Upbeat and Fun…

Also, we will be performing our 7th album “Turn Up The Volume” release party at Saint Rocke in Redondo Beach, Saturday, November 22 from 6-8 pm… Here’s a link to the show…   

Saint Rocke is the premier music venue for anybody who is anybody in music in the South Bay… We are going to blow the doors off the place so come on out and buy your tickets early before they are sold out…   Must be 21 years of age or older…   $10 per person…

Robert Deller

(As of September 23, 2014)

Bulletin!!!  Our new album “Turn Up The Volume” is mixed and mastered… We are in the process of uploading our songs through TuneCore and should be on iTunes very soon…  We will let you know when we are live…  We are also, reviewing Cover Art options and deciding on whether to release traditional CD’s as in the past or the newest trend Thumb Drives or Flash Drives that would include band photos, credits and additional information or both… We just don’t know yet… Stay tuned to this page for additional information about our release…

Robert Deller

(As of September 3, 2014)

It’s official!!!   After many submissions for working titles for our new album from friends and fans alike, the consensus is that we call it “Turn Up The Volume”…                                                             

Thanks to everyone who provided us their input…  We are now in the process of designing the graphics, artwork, taking band member photos and mastering the song mixes…   We will be releasing our 7th album shortly…  Stay tuned…

Robert Deller

(As of August 20, 2014)

It’s official!!!    The band has completed the final mixing of our 7th 15 song album… Expected release will be sometime in either October or November of 2014 right on schedule…   All that remains is final mastering and uploading to iTunes…   But, before we can do any uploading anywhere, we still need to come up with a name for our next album…  What do we call it?   We have a lot of suggestions and working titles but nothing suitable so far…  Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated… Working with themes of Love, Romance, Sunsets, Break-ups and Outer-Space concepts…   Think “Out Of The Box”………..

Robert Deller

(As of August 1, 2014)

The Band has nearly completed it’s 7th album with a total of 15 new original rocking songs… We will announce the showcase of our album release party shortly… Stay tuned!!!

Robert Deller

(As of July 19, 2014)

New Band Mates announced!  Welcome Mike Roberti as our second “Lead – Duel Guitarist” and Songwriter, graduate of the Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA brings our band into the stratosphere with his high energy and amazing talent.  We are so pleased to have him with us…  Bio on his page… (see about us)  Also, please welcome Dylan Sweet our new drummer who adds youth and talent beyond his years playing since the age of 5… Bio coming soon to his page… This now rounds out our 7 member band…  We think you will love our new sound…

The band is finishing song mixing and records for our next album… Looks like there might be 14 or 15… We are in rehearsal and will be performing sometime in November at St. Rocke (Dates and Times to be announced soon)… We are also doing an afternoon of Christian Music at Suzy’s in Redondo Beach on October 5, 2014 from 1-3… Please join us to hear all original music including “Eternity” written by Danielle Heath whose song won Best Christian Artist at the Indie Music Awards in Hollywood in April of 2012…   

Robert Deller

(As of June 30, 2014)

New Band Mates to be announced soon… We have a New Drummer, a New Second Lead Guitarist and a New Keyboardist….The Band has stepped it up with amazing new talent… We are ready to play… Stay tuned for the official announcement…. Oh Ya!!!!

Robert Deller

(As of June 16, 2014)

Happy to announce we are back in rehearsal and rocking new songs recorded for our upcoming release… Looks like it’s going be be another 17 song album with release sometime in November 2014 as we have lots of recording and mixing for some songs still in the pipeline… Good news is this album is going to be amazing and we are taking our time not to rush the release to fine tune everything to provide you with the best sound quality experience ever from the band… Stay tuned for more updates and maybe some music snippets of what’s coming…

Robert Deller 

(As of May 16, 2014)

Happy to report that as of right now, we have 11 great new songs mixed  and ready to master for our 7th Album Summer Release… Have 3 more in the hopper and now have a “tentative” name for our next Album “Out Of The Box” title track to our very latest rockin’ songs… But you’ll have to wait until the Album Release to hear this one… All I can say is its AMAZING and you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!  In other news we begin band rehearsal tomorrow and and will be joined by 2 new session member players… Can’t wait… Stay tuned for more updates soon…

Robert Deller

(As of May 2, 2014)

Update: While nominated for 4 entries in this years prestegeous Indie Music Channel Awards on April 27, 2014 at Hollywood’s “Whisky A Go Go” we didn’t win but we will be back again next year. Thanks to Danielle Heath for representing the Band at the event.  In other news we just completed 2 more songs for the Summer of 2014 7th Album Release bringing the combined total of 9 with about 4 more to go…

Robert Deller

(As of April 2, 2014)

Please check out our “Official Facebook Fan Page” for links to new music and videos… 

Robert Deller

(As of March 23, 2014)

This just in:  Robert Deller has been nominated for his song “All That You Gave To Me” by The Indie Music Channel in the Best Male Artist Easy Listening Song Category as well as Best Producer Category… Link:

This just in:  Danielle Heath has been nominated for her song “You Gave It All” by the Indie Music Channel in the Best Christian Female Artist Song Category as well as Robert Deller as Best Producer Category… Link:

This makes for FOUR NOMINATIONS at this years Star Studded Entertainment Awards Event to be held at Hollywood’s Famous Whisky A Go Go on Sunday April 27, 2014… We are very excited to be nominated out of thousands of talented indie artists worldwide for our categories…  We will keep you posted on further details as they develop!!!

Robert Deller

(As of March 12, 2014) 

Here’s a link to new songs and fan favorites… Enjoy!!!

Robert Deller

(As of February 24, 2014)

Here’s a link to “Let The Music Start”… New original song to be officially released on our next album in the Summer of 2014… Winner “Silver Award”  from Hit Song Science Technologies… Enjoy!!!

Robert Deller

(As of February 22, 2014)

Just another quick update to let you know that “Hold On” mentioned above has been changed to “Hopes and Dreams” and is so cool with 3 key changes it’s off the charts with Lead Guitarist going crazy on the Electric Guitar and Harmony Vocals with Gary Ferguson on Drums… I hope to have all 5 songs posted on SoundCloud shortly way ahead of our next summer album release for your early listening pleasure and will let you know.  We also have Brian Stearns our Acoustic Guitarist in the studio next week to record a beautiful sounding original song he’ll be performing at his upcoming wedding called “I Choose You”… Congrats Brian…  

Robert Deller

(As of January 24, 2014)

Just a quick update to let you know we are moving forward with the addition of 2 more new songs called “Hold On” and “Let The Music Start” to add to the 3 already complete… Just have a few more mixing issues to address but wanted to share with you how pleased we are with the progress and tell you that this album is going to really rock!!! Stay tuned and thanks for your continued support of our music…

Robert Deller

(As of December 31, 2013)

Happy New Year Everyone!  Wishing you all the very best in the New Year… Just finished yet, another great tune for album number 7 expected to be released in the Summer of 2014… The first 3 completed are now mixed with live drums and even entered “You And Me” is a few song contests… Check it out on Sound Cloud by clicking the link below:

Robert Deller

(As of December 18, 2013)

Just a quick update to inform that we’ve completed 3 new songs for the “Sumer of 2014” album… “She’s Gone”, “You and Me” and “Maui Sunset”… Songs rock and we think you’ll be pleased… Also, the band just went over the 1,100 fan mark with radio airplay (formally Jango) and we’ve entered various song contests with some of our new material recently… Will keep you all posted… Have a happy holiday season…

Robert Deller

(As of November 3, 2013)

Back from the island of Maui after 3 great weeks… I am totally refreshed and full of great ideas for new songs. One of them called “You and Me” is already being recorded and it “Rocks”… More to come shortly as our band members will soon begin to return home for the holidays and we’ll see what they bring… Might even get in a rehearsal or two… Anyway, still on track for release of our 7th album the Summer of 2014… Stay tuned for details or feel free to comment…

Robert Deller

(As of September 5, 2013 Second Issue)

671 Valley Drive, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

The Robert Deller Band has just released a new disc called “Destination Unknown” and the tracks are sparkling. Recorded onsite, Robert works hard to release material regularly. Fellow bandmate Danielle Heath won “Best Teen Artist” in the Contemporary Christian category at the “Indie Music Channel Awards” for her song “Eternity”. She went to the awards show at HOB Hollywood in April with Robert and drummer Travis Coco. Album on iTunes, this is their sixth CD!

Deller Band CD on

(As of September 4, 2013)

There has been some discussion as to what the next album (Summer of 2014) might look like?  First let me say I’m pleased some of you are already setting your sights on our next album Lucky #7 it will be.  Before I can answer the question above, I need to let you know that 3 of our Band Members are attending college and we really won’t be back in rehearsal as a group until next “Spring Break” and songs are being written and not being written at the moment.  

I can tell you for certain that I personally will be producing an EP of just Acoustic Guitar and some Piano (easy listening songs) hopefully, for release by early Spring of 2014.  Rock n’ Roll is on the burner as well and already since our last release on August 2, 2013 I have one in the bank called, “She’s Gone” that I think you will enjoy.

So, all I have to say for now is stay tuned and let’s just see what develops unless any of you have any ideas for the type of music or themes you’d like to see us be playing, drop us a line and let us know… For now, I’m off to my home away from home (Maui) for some play action at some local venues on the West Side and some much needed rest that will hopefully inspire me to write more island songs of the heart…

Robert Deller 

(As of August 2, 2013)

The Band’s newest album “Destination Unknown” is now available on iTunes… Official Release was at The Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach, CA on August 2, 2013…

Click the below link to listen, comment and download any or all 17 New and Original Rockin’ and Easy Listening songs today!!!

Robert Deller

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